Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Lebasnes Babe Sabine Puts @Beyonce Moves To Shame

I do not see much of a big difference between Lebanese pop stars and their western counterparts. They have a lot in common, and the boldness of the Lebanese performers makes up the difference that has traditionally kept them apart. With that, we end up making music in Lebanon just like they do in the West, which means the loss of diversity and the lost of unique flavors.

Take fro example, one of the youngest pop stars in Lebanon is Sabine, and see her rehearse for one of her concerts, this is some raw footage from a dance studio and some guy's voice telling Sabine how to better her moves. Is this appealing to Western audience? Not really, but it might be surprising to see a talent like this come from a what's considered conservative region

This is a rehearsal fro one of Sabine's new year concert

Sabine's Rehearsal New Year Eve Concert 2014 سابين- في بروفة حفل ليلة رأس السنة الجديدة


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