Thursday, December 19, 2013

The "I Am Hot" Song Has Arrived! Maya Diab's "Ayooh"2014

Maya Diab is the closest female Arab entertainer to the American model of mass-consumption, product endorsement, live concert, TV appearing stars. As a complete entertainer, she does not invest a lot of time in being famous for the sake of being famous. She is about running a business, she only sings when she has too, she only appears on TV when it pays the bills. Otherwise, she goes to Dubai to promote a business or return to Lebanon to endorse a product.

Maya has a new single for example, she did into care to release it on radio, she chose to release it toward the end of the year when she has concerts in the pipeline. She performed it on a TV show to get paid for it. Star Academy provided that arrangement. Maya is a legend there why not she is all about the show biz and the razzle dazzle. It's a riot of a song, a party track that lightens the mood. Maya is a shameless self- promoter who has the name recognition--she is our Kim Kardashian

The song celebrates beauty, and brainless ladies! Just look good, act sexy and you can run the world. This might not be entirely false, but it's what men has asked men to do for ages. Rant aside, this is a fun song, a catchy dance song that will make your day! "Some guy divorced his wife for me, another pledged to give em an entire building, another swore off women after me" It sounds like a perfect Egyptian song by a Lebanese pop candy flavor.

اغنية مايا دياب - ايوة | كاملة | جديد 2014

اغنية مايا دياب _ ايوة _ النسخه الاصليه 2014


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