Thursday, December 12, 2013

#Comeback Mohamad El Majzoub - Te3ban 2013

This is a comeback I really was looking for. A wonderful Iraqi comeback for a Lebanese artist who offers plenty of flavor and groove. The young charming Lebanese singer Mohamad Majzoub has not relased a new song in about 3 years.....but he makes nice and give us a new song to get us thrilled about his return.

The song has all that Iraqi passion you have known very well, and the dance beat--no wonder Iraqi radios have picked this song and refuse to let go of it. The song slows and goes fast as it runs its course.

Mohamad El Majzoub - Te3ban 2013 / محمد المجذوب - تعبان

Mohamad El Majzoub - Te3ban 2014 || محمد المجذوب - تعبان


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