Monday, December 23, 2013

Najwa Karam Loans Melhem Barkat 400,000 Dollars....He Is not Repaying! Guns Are Out!

Lebanese diva Najwa Karam is a good friend of Melhem Barakat, the explosive musicians singer and composer. They toured together, release duets, and some even call them boyfriend and girlfriend. They have one thing in common, they are very proud Lebanese singers who refuse to sing in any other dialect but their own. Now this is all nice, but this friendship is now being tested.

It seems that Najwa Karam was touring with Melhem Barkat and the older singer needed a load of 400 thousand dollars, Najwa wrote him a check and they had a verbal agreement that he would repay the load once they both return to Beirut. Upon returning home Melhem seem have not kept up his word. So Nicola Karam, Najwa's brother wet to Barkat's hunting cabin to ask for the money back. In that cabin an altercation happened--some say Barkat pulled a gun on Nicole and refused to pay. The Barakat camp argues that Nicola came in with few guys with him and threaten to kill the musician. The Karam camp says, only Nicola approached Barakat and he was unnamed, and once Barkat pulled his gun, Nicole took it and tossed it aside.

Keep on mind, there's no written contract of this loan, here's what makes sense, if you are going hunting, you have guns, so it makes sense that Barkat would pull a gun he says crazy stuff all the time, and he might be doing crazy things too. Second, those who owe money are interested in distraction to defer payment. It's still plausible that Nicola had a gun, but unlikely. Now, both parties are heading to court for a lawsuit. Nicola stood by his sinister and would not let her be scammed by Mr. Barkat. Lebanese are passionate people, and shouting does not help. I think you never lose by keeping chill and not yelling at even those who have wronged you.

The old saying, do not do business with family and friends rings true. There are two Lebanese icons, it's a shame to see them behave like thugs and not keeping their promises. I know things will be made right, but this is a chapter that did not need to happen.

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