Sunday, December 8, 2013

Mr. @DalidaAyach aka Ramy Joines His Wife At Her New Store Opening

The Lebanese power couple Ramy and his dazzling wife Dalida were in the Lebanese capital for the opening of Dalida's new fashion store. This is a big step for Dalida who is big on fashion, makeup and beauty. Defined, she took a big risk and launched her brand and all-white store.

She spoke to the press, and she schmoozed, this is in Al Hamra district. Most merchandise are all her own, bags, outfits and dresses are all hers--a number of styles can be seen in the video. I love how she switched from Arabic to French to English with ease. She is all about high-end and simple products.

Dalida is big on coats, it seems she is keen on getting her products made in Lebanon. The material is from abroad, but the work is all handmade at home--a s source of pride for many. Pop star Ramy Ayach was there on his capacity as a husband and a celebrity to get the world out, she took pictures and spoke to hopefully would be buyers. He gets supportive husband credit all-around.

To see some of the designers, visit her page.

داليدا عيّاش تفتتح متجرها الخاص بحضور زوجها والإعلام


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