Thursday, December 26, 2013

Mohamed Nour "The Next Amr Diab" Releases His 2014 New Album!

Even singers who are keen on romance like to go the gym, Mohamed Nour opted out for a muscular version of himself to be photographed on the cover of his brand new album. He came across as "Beef Cake" who is really good at the music game. I like Nour and I love his music because he is one clever artist. He carefully curates his album better than any one from his WAMA band.

I get it, when one spends a lot of time at the gym, they feel compelled to show off, why not. However, for a guy who is a dreamboat, a guy who sing for the ladies trying to win their hearts and make them feel elated, he is trying too hard. He has the handsome look, he cheerful personality, and the hip vibe. If I am Amr Diab, I would watch my back. Nour is leaving nothing to the King of Pop

It's freaking winter out there, and just looking at the cover art, you cannot help but ask yourself, "isn't he cold?" Now, to the music, I have written before about this album, and have said it will be great. I listened to it, and love it. This is a wonderful album, it makes up for all the delays, and hope Nour soars with the successes.

01 - Ana Neseetak is great for a cry, it's sweet without being spineless
02 - Awel Mara, a pretty boy finds love, but it does not go his way, for change he has to do the work.
03 - Helwa El Ayam, dream on and fall in love, life is prettier with love, lyrics are where the magic is
04 - Helwa El Ayam Remix, making a great song even better, make it a bit faster and funkier
05 - Howa Elli Hayeksab, a fun song that we have already enjoyed, a perfect dance song
06 - Kalam Aadi,  I appreciate man who is begging for love--even though he has the sex appeal
07 - Kelmety Wahda, the proud and cool man strikes again, he lectures his lady on his style.
08 - Mesh Hasaalak, I dramatic conversation filled with bittersweet emotions, Nour transcends here
09 - Omt Bel Wageb, His sweetest, there's a lot of guilt in it, It's one of the top three great songs here
10 - Rooh Bel Salama, dark songs are on demand, Nour does them better than any other male group in the same rank and style.
11 - Teaady Seneen, emotions are running high, sounds like a broken bird.

Awell Marra - Mohamed Nour اول مرة - محمد نور
سيمبلات البوم محمد نور - حلوه الايام 2013 | كامله


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