Thursday, December 26, 2013

WTF?! Amr Diab Will Be In A New Year Concert In Bucharest Romania

No Idea what that means, but the king of Arab pop--he has been so for more than thirty years won't be even singing in an Arab country this year. The Egyptian entertainer who has moved himself, his office and his family to Dubai will be ringing in the new year in the Romanian capital Bucharest. I did not think there was a vibrant Arab community in that nation--there are dozens of families and students, but not a solid presence.

The concert will take place at the Romexpo Sa downtwon and Amr Diab will be joined by Paul Anka (born July 30, 1941) is a Canadian singer, songwriter, and actor. Anka became famous in the late 1950s, '60s, and '70s with hit songs like "Diana", "Lonely Boy", "Put Your Head on My Shoulder", and "(You're) Having My Baby" Now, wait a minute, Paul Anka's parents are Greek Orthodox Lebanese.

Not sure how these two names got paired, a Canadian old school entertainer, with an Egyptian pop sensation together in Romania is sure like a strange ticket to me. I am certain these are both important figures who bring different marketability. In terms of the age group, this maybe a hard sell. However, the show will have Western and Eastern elements, just like the host country.

Paul Anka medley 1966


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