Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Majida El Roumi Shows #Christian Spirit With New #Christmas Hymn Album

The soft-spoken, octave voiced Lebanese diva has officially released her Christmas album. This is the first album on this subject she releases. However, this is not the first time she sings Christmas songs and hymns. For years the super-diva Majida El Roumi has been singing in churches and Christian functions.

For a really long time, the artist wanted to release this album, this time only she got to package them in an album. "Noor Min Noor" in English that would be light from light...is the title of the album, it's about love and joy. A timely album when Lebanon is really struggling to talk among itself, comes an album that reminds them how great moments are born.

In a downtown church, she release the album, and gave a speech. The cool thing, she gave the rights of the album to any Christian, or Muslim charity who wants to raise funds by selling the album. This is pretty neat. A cool idea to take the higher road. Any Lebanese charity with credibility, has the rights to use the album and make money form it to benefit their causes. The awesome thing about it, the album is worship one, not just about that fat guy in a red suit giving our presents.

This is a wonderful act of kindness for a lady who could have made millions on this album, instead she wants it to be about faith and not just bank accounts. This album has 12 tracks, and two concerts in Beirut downtown churches took place on Dec 19 and 20th. The album can be purchased in the Virgin Mega Store.      

ماجدة الرومي تطلق البومها الميلادي وتصلي للمخطوفين وضحايا الحروب


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