Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Listen: دوللي شاهين – روح زورهن – Dolly Shahine – Roh Zorhon #Christmas

A Christmas song for the poor, a song that urges Santa (of perhaps people in general) to go visit with the poor people who do not have a lot going for them. This is a cover song of an old Fayrouz song, about spreading joy and good energy around. Christmas is nothing if it was not for the sense of community, togetherness and good spirit. This is a song that combines the religious part with the fun portion--

Dolly who is a Catholic Lebanese Brazilian married to an Egyptian attended services at the Cairo Catholic Center

To Listen to the Dolly Shahine version Click here

فيروز - روح زورهن ببيتهن

دوللي شاهين – روح زورهن – Dolly Shahine – Roh Zorhon

شاهد دوللي شاهين ترتدي بابا نويل وهاله صدقي وشرين في حفل الكريسماس


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