Friday, January 31, 2014

The Ahmed Ezz And Zeina Scandal Continues... He Is Chicken Shit...

To begin, it seems that the handsome boy of Egyptian cinema likes to sleep around, and it seems that he there are consequences to his actions, he refuses to take responsibility. We know that according to claims by Egyptian actress and beauty Zeina that he fathered a twin with her. We do not know if they were married, or legally married, or even if they are in a relationship. When Zeina found out she was pregnant, she left in the summer of 2013 to the States. She issues a press release that she is heading to the States to take acting courses. She also wanted to make sure the boys will have American citizenship which would make it harder for Ahmed Ezz to evade his responsibility. Also being in the States, she was away from the media, and most certainly away from Ahmed Ezz who was not happy with the pregnancy. He has been reported to have denied that those were his kids--which suggests that the mother of his future children is a whore. And then he has also been reported to have instructed Zeina to have the pregnancy terminated.

We know at least the twins have a strong mother who wanted them and was unafraid to face an entire population who would blame her and call her names. Good for her, she chose life, and she called out that asshole Ahmed Ezz. Now a third party who claims connection with Zeina had shared with the media, Zeina tried to get Ahmed to come to the States and be their for her when she delivered his twins. Ahmed did not dare to go to America, and created some excuses. Ezz refused to come to America, but Zeina had planned to smooth things over and proof via DNA testing that he is indeed the father. After Ezz has not being wiling to show up or take reasonability. Zeina was forced to return to the Egypt and face the music. To the credit of the Egyptian media and talking head, most of the blame has been shaming Ahmed Ezz for now coming forward and taking ownership of this blessing in disguise.

Now for the twins, I am sure your parents love you very much, I just know that Ahmed Ezz is an idiot who is afraid for his name and his marketability. Now, he will never be that carefree handsome man beloved by the ladies and copied by other men. Daddy is in denial right now, and he eventually will come around and make things right, but since he is an idiot he wants to ignore it for as long as he could. So far, he has closed his cellphone and he is not talking.

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حقيقة زواج احمد عز وزينة بعد عودتها من نيويورك بتوأم ابوهم احمد عز


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