Sunday, January 19, 2014

WATCH: Nassif Zeytoun - The Promise - Sawt Rbaba @ZeytounNassif

The Syrian talent and star academy winner Nassif Zeytoun will be landing in America for a tour. He is one of the youngest and most gifted among the many young singers. He released a wonderful album last year that mixed pop with Tarab in a very good balance that the listener was never bored. He kept mostly to his Syrian dialect.

He shot a music video form that album and it was pretty rad, now he brings out a new music video for a song that will help him earn his street cred with the musicians. A tough song to perform get served in a very classy music video. It has a sad set of lyrics, but the music is not dead or slow. The song may be a great fit for Syrians who have gone to hell and back in the last 25 months.

Nassif Zeytoun should stand tall among his counterparts. He is one of the most serious talents to come out of Star Academy since Iraqi Moroccan hybrid Shatta Hassoun. Nassif got to spend time with the legendary late Lebanese Wadie El Safie whom showered the young gun with love and admiration.

Best quality is here
فيديو كليب صوت ربابة - Nassif Zeytoun - Sawt Rbaba HD 2014 hkwan1100


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