Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Nader Nour And The Dreamy Lady Song

Everyone wants you to believe that his love story is epic and it's meant to be. This is why they brag so much about their better half on Facebook and Twitter. But for this truly special people who are blessed with a special relations, they must check out the new single by Egyptian pop star sweet guy Nader Nour.

While he is not in a boy band, he sings like he is his own boy band force. He is very gentle this way and has the dreamy eyes. So good job. It's a good song that appeal to the freshman of love and the most sophisticated romantics out there. Those songs tend to be cheesy, this one is not and Nader has done well with his choice.

The music video will air soon, the pictures in the YouTube video from the set of the music video.

Nader Nour


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