Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Alwan Presents Musical Performance: Third Annual Maqam Fest


The Annual Showcase for the Association of Perfoming Arts Presenters (APAP) Conference, Co-Presented by the Center for Traditional Music and Dance (CTMD) and Alwan for the Arts

The Third Annual Maqam Fest features exceptional ensembles from New York and around the world that have a unique approach and perspective on maqam. Developed over millenia, maqam is a complex system of musical modes and represents one of the great legacies of the Arab-Islamic world, pervading the musical cultures from the Maghreb (Northwest Africa) to Western China, and from the Balkans to the Sudan. Maqam Fest articulates the tradition of maqam within an evolving world that musically constructs, connects and reconstructs convention.

Maqam Fest 2014 celebrates a line-up that pays tribute to this tradition featuring long-honored practices, explorations of historic ties between diverse musical styles and an examination of contemporary compositions and improvisations. This showcase is part of the Annual Association of Performing Arts Presenters (APAP) Conference, one of the most anticipated events in the performing arts field, which brings thousands of presenters, agents, managers and artists in the fields of dance, theater and music from around the world to New York City each January.


Eva Salina
Re-imagined Songs of Balkan Legends

Reflective rubab from Afghanistan

Sazet Band
High- Octane Romani Horns

Kinan Azmeh
Soaring clarinet improvisations over hypnotic grooves

Tarek Yamani
Afro-Tarab Jazz and Arab Intersections

Mitra Sumara
Farsi Funk of Pre-Revolutionary Iran

Alwan Ensemble
Vibrant Explorations of Arab Tradition

Original compositions in Arab and Middle Eastern style
Amino Belyamani’s SSAHHA
Compositions and improvisations over Moroccan grooves with a re-tuned piano
Alwan Ensemble
Vibrant Explorations of Arab Tradition
Cost: $30/$25
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More Details
Shairebi-Ash (Æ)-Aurelia Shrenker & Eva Salina Primack- Live at Joe's Pub 4/6/2011 aesings ae



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