Thursday, January 30, 2014

WATCH This Fun Video La Tehogas - Samo Zaen لاتهوجس - سامو زين

Samo Zaen never cared enough to make a song for the local market in the Gulf, so this time he is working to change that with a new rad song...but he has done something awesome, he included translation of the song into Egyptian. The promo video guarantees the song to be a hit all over the map. Samo has shown this time to be a clever marketing guru as well as a gifted musicians.

The track is about love, but the title makes no sense for the average Arabic speaker....yet the title sounds like an English word turned into Arabic. Samo is entering the Gulf market with force, but on his own terms, he is doing it while looking cool, not like someone who wants money or someone who is too shy about it.

This is an experience rich in iconography, camels, sand, swords and hummer. This Syrian has broke into the Egyptian market a decade ago, and this time he is doing the same going after another market. Make an effort to read the translation from Arabic Gulf Dialect into the Funky Egyptian slang.

La Tehogas - Samo Zaen لاتهوجس - سامو زين


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