Friday, January 24, 2014

"Seneen" The Best Egyptian Boy Band

Boy Bands are kinda of dead, they used to get all the hype, but one band has taken the cool factor back and they are Seneen--they are all Egyptians who make good music. Nothing to groundbreaking just happy music and good looking artists. Ahmed, Bassem and Mohammad are the bands soul. The band had a member walk out previously and another one joining their ranks.

It's hard to do just happy songs now, as most bands in Egypt sound too serious just like their country. I like the let's dance and by happy feel their song creates. I like the trio band members who seem to fully understand what it means to be a boy band.

They make fun pop songs, romance and dance tracks. I like their style and how they also make music for their songs--but let's not kid ourselves, they are a boy band so let's all chill out. I like how the trio different voices are all in sync in such a smooth fashion.

سنين - من حبي فيك / Seneen - Mn 7oby Feek


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