Friday, January 31, 2014

Thuggish Sherif Kasem Busts A Move And She Likes It

Sherfi Kasem is a thug, who likes to harass ladies who pass by, showing them his move, his crazy hair, cheap glasses, and out of this world dance moves. Guys, it's never cool to stalk women around town looking like a sissy or a thug. It's sad but I like the song and think outside of this music video, Sherif may be a cool guy to chill with.

But his music video does not help him with me. It will certainly help him earn few teenagers who will regret their choice of artists years later. I do not know what style this song is, but it sounds exotic and I like. The model they got dancing all over the place, may have done it as a favor, clearly, her idea of dancing is not perfect.

Give the man some credit for making it all on his own, he does not care what folks think as he busts a move in the street.

.. Hatohalo - Sherif Kasem هاتوهالوا - شريف قاسم