Friday, January 10, 2014

41 Palestinians Dead Syrian Yarmouk Camp, Here's A Song About That

 Here's another song from a Palestinians artist who is concerned about the horrible situation in the largest refuges camp inside Syria.

The UN agency for Palestinian refugees warned Thursday of "extreme human suffering" in Syria's Yarmouk camp, with state media saying "terrorists" had blocked aid from entering.
Not sure what to think of this situation, no doubt there are violent individuals who are hiding inside the camp, but that's no excuse to starve its thousands of residence.

Since September, at least 15 people have died from hunger in the camp, which came under tight regime siege around a year ago after rebels took control of the area. UNRWA spokesman Chris Gunness said food shortages continue and that the absence of medical care had led to women dying in childbirth.

"Residents, including infants and children, have been subsisting for long periods on diets of such things as stale vegetables, animal feed and cooking spices dissolved in water."

He said residents -- both Palestinian and Syrian -- were experiencing "extreme human suffering in primitively harsh conditions," and urged humanitarian access to the camp.

A song will not bring food into the camp, Syrians can keep their siege on if they think that helps them militarily, but they must let food in.

 Yarmouk ياجمر اليرموك٫ غناء أحمد داري


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