Sunday, January 26, 2014

La libanaise Aline Lahoud ألين لحود The Voice en France (Video) @alinelahoudoffi

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Aline Lahoud tried hard enough to launch a music career in Lebanon at home for years, but it seems her efforts have yet to bear fruits....Fed up with the stalemate and her inability to get her career going, she took a leap of faith and appeared on the Voice--not the Arabic one, but the one in France. The four judges adored her and showered her with praises. Aline is a talented voice who has the right gene, the charisma and the persona to have a blooming music career.

Aline chose to do a cover for a beloved Lebanese classic, the one her mom legendary Salwa Qatrib performed decades ago. The audience in the French studio were cheering and some of the judges were breathless. Aline was not a complete failure, she had released half a dozen songs, but her style is a bit closer to the Western style than to the Eastern one, but in France, she found her roots and over there they awarded her.

I look forward to her next big act on the show, I am certain she will do well in whatever path she chooses next. Remember Aline Lahoud remains a Multi Talented person, Singer, Actress and Director. She is the daughter of Lebanese singer Salwa Al Katrib (A Cedar from Lebanon) and producer Nahi Lahoud and she's a member of a family full of artists (Mr Romeo Lahoud, Mme Papou Lahoud).

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