Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Red-Haired Haifa Parties With Fake Elissa In #Dubai

The notaries Lebanese pop star, diva and celebrity Haifa Wehbe was in the UAE city of Dubai to attend the gran opening of Rotana Cafe's new store in the city. There were dozens of celebrities and media personalities who were in attendance.

I have noted that Elissa who sings under the Rotana label was missing from the party, but it seems that the idea of her was not really missing. Colorful Lebanese celebrity impersonator Bassem Feghali (a well-known drag queen) showed up as Elissa. Haifa was quick to hook up with him, stand next to him as Elissa, and took pictures.

Not sure if this means war for Elissa whose sense of humor seems missing. It seems Haifa posted these images to instagram with the caption "look who I ran into". There has been a reports disagreement between the diva and Bassem Feghali who was unhappy with the size of his image on their new year concert so he decided to cancel on Haifa.

إليسا ووائل كفوري سلام هيفاء وهبي على إليسا حفل الموريكس دور 2010AQEqla3


  1. Haifa Wehbe is looking so amazingly hot! Beautiful pictures