Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Lebanses Police Arrest A Local Rapper Mistaken For A Suicide Bomber

He is a rapper with swag, but the Lebanese army arrested him anyway thinking he is a suicide bomber.  This is yet another sign of intense and complicated situation in Lebanon. Abu Ali does sport a beard, an off the hook haircut, and different outfit. These were enough to raise suspensions and lead to his arrest.

Abu Ali was riding his car in a Beirut neighborhood, minding his business when the security officers thought he may be driving a car bomb--based solely on his looks. He was arrested and his picture made it to the social media. Joke was on the Lebanese security agencies as it turned out the person they suspected is Hussein Sharaf Al Deen aka Abu Ali. He had no bombes of anything, and he speaks little Arabic. Abu Ali is a local rapper and musician in a band "Double A The Preachman"



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