Wednesday, January 29, 2014

#Egypt Celebrates Dear Guest Event

Egypt like to pimp out their stars, they really like to give awards and recognition to their folks--more so than other nations. Ramy Sabry got an ward for the complete artist. He released a new album 2013 and it did well. In am in love with Ramy Sabry, but his album went unnoticed. Do not care much for his politics, but he is a wholesome musician.

I like his voice, and the energy he puts into each of his songs, he seems like a down to earth guy whose charisma is hard to deny. I think in Egypt, there is Amr Diab and there are four other names who can be his heir, Ramy Sabry is one of those four.

As for the event it's organized by one of Egypt's leading newspapers to allow them access to wh9meever is relevant in the entertainment industry.

Dear Guest Event - Ramy Sabry جائزه دير جيست - رامى صبرى