Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Listen: Album Zay Ay Atnen soon - Samo Zaen البوم زى اى اتنين قريبا - ساموزين

Seven Times Best Arabic Singer Awards Winner,Top Selling Middle Eastern Artist, this Kuwaiti born Syrian singer who was well traveled in Europe since his youth is releasing anew albu, his last was last year it was pretty cool one. He is a sound engineer by profession and by training right before he got his big break in a London restaurant that asked him to sing. Years later he would release a single and then an album--and soon enough the Arab world got a new star.

Samo Zaen feels like a party album, upbeat and exciting but also a bit of romance and drama. This is how he rolls and this is what the fans expect from him. Samo is based in Egypt where he gets most work done. Promos are always exciting and loud, they make you want to party like a flash. He knows what makes a party song so fun and better yet he is able to make them whenever he feels like it.

Samo Zaen has many fans, but he seems never able to close the gab and be a king of his style, he is a fun artist and exciting voice, but I do not find myself attracted to his personality.

ِAlbum Zay Ay Atnen soon - Samo Zaen البوم زى اى اتنين قريبا - ساموزين


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