Thursday, January 2, 2014

Mourad Bouriki, The Under-Employed Winner Of the Voice

When exes behind the Arab version of The Voice gave the top spot to Moroccan Mourad Bouriki, this was a first time for someone from the West side to be on the throne of a singing competition. The baby-faced, manly-voiced singer has dazzled flowers of the program with his cover of classical and old fashioned Arabic songs that are often hard to perform.

So he won the title almost a year ago, but it seems due to a number of factors Mourad Bouriki's stardom has yet to be marketed. The guy seems like a nice guy and he has RedOne, the well-known global hit-maker by his side. Where did that take him? What has he accomplished? So far, Not much. The guy has the finest lyrics and poems out there (almost as good as those Kadem used to sing)

He released a music video, and frankly he has a good voice, but the music video does not seem to suit his persona.  He also released an album, but the marketing for that album does not seem to have caught up. I did not even see much coverage for it. Mourad Bouriki has all the elements for the Eastern style songs, but the music is better geared toward the west. His stage presence seems to be lacking. He reminds friends with Assi Hallani who wrote him some music--the two were pals on The Voice years ago.

مراد البوريقي لإيلاف: تعاون جديد سيجمعني بعاصي الحلّاني


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