Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Egyptian Army Shuts Down Ramy Essam Concert! Really!?

Indie and rock persona dude Ramy Essam had a concert yesterday and it looked like the army did not approve of his choice of songs. Ramy Essam is an angry singer who equally hates everyone, from the army to the brotherhood. He is one of those young voices that feel they have been taken for a ride.

While he was singing in his concert which was held during the Book Exhibit in the Egyptian capital. At first the power plug was taken out and the DJ could not play the music. Ramy Essam was shouting down with the military rule when the concert was shut down. I think this is not just an assault on the music industry, but also an assault on freedom of speech and freedom of assembly--who are we kidding armies do not build democracies.

Ramy Essam has no songs that suck to power, he is the furious hard-rock personality that makes loud music and speaks loudly. He is a big deal with young ideologues. Ramy piles on the Mubarak regime, the military rule and of course the brotherhood. Does he have anything to propose?

Ramy Essam - Mahnash Mn Dol Music Video رامى عصام - محناش من دول ولا دول ولا دول


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