Friday, January 10, 2014

Allow Hala El Kaseer To Rock Your World #MBCTheVoice #Syria

MBC produced The Voice is on its second episode on a very long season, but it seems that they internet has already picked a favorite contestant. This time, hip wasn't what made it, but a young women who loves to do classical songs.

She is Hala El Kaseer  and the moment she started to sing, the judges all turned around in cheers, and fought over who was the first to believe in her talent. She may even have a better voice than at least one of the judges on the panel. Syria is living under siege and war, but if anything would make them feel better, it would be the voice of Hala El Kaseer.

She did a cover of an old song by the all-time favorite legend Algerian Warda. She has entered the very safe zone and opted to join Kadem Al Sahr team. But she may be years ahead of her peers on the show as she has been singing ever since she was nine years old. And she has even performed on some opera stages. She is married and has at least one little girl who sometimes accompanies her mommy on the piano.

هالة القصير "في يوم وليلة" - #MBCTheVoice


  1. she is not quite as talented as many other contestants and you could see the regret in the judges eyes because they chose her too early on in the song.