Thursday, January 23, 2014

These Egyptain Turds Want The Little Man To Run Egypt 3ayzinak | عايزينك

It's a shitty day when some of the brightest pop stars in the land of Egypt release a song urging a murder, and a violent short man who is power hungry to run their country. These singers are all part of a music label by another short man who has been a vocal supporter of the army--he is Christian too.

So he gathered one whore, and three douches--there is a lady I like in there too to sing for Sisi. He even found an Iraqi guy to endorse the upcoming dictator. One of the singers has yet to finish high school. Who are these guys telling Egyptians who should run their country. Such songs and campaigns have mysterious sources of funding.

Nasr Mahrous is on the army's payroll, and even though he is in a business that 's all about freedom of speech, he hates to hear his critics. I think these assholes deserve Sisi, he will kick them to the curb like he did with everyone else--liberal and conservative. These are nothing but fools and clowns who manged to get a song made---do they agree with it? No idea, but their music boss demanded they record it.

The troubling thing is that the same producer who stands behind this song is the same guy who released a song "Enzel" urging people to protest on June 30, which lead to the army takeover. This is the moment where one is meant to get scared....artists supporting violence and undemocratic rule. The reality remains, these artists who star in this video  live in alternative universe. They get to ride in fancy cars, live in villas and vacation abroad. Things were good for them, so it makes sense for them to clone the old regime.    

Sisi may be the next guy to run Egypt, and he might not be---the honeymoon won't be long.

3ayzinak | عايزينك


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