Monday, January 13, 2014

An Islamic Band From Lebanon With Harmony Band (A Birthday Song Worthy Of A Prophet)

Taking old and traditional Islamic songs--hundreds of years old and making them hip is no easy task. But the Band known as Harmony seems to have done an amazing job. They tour the Muslim world taking their songs with them, bringing a world class entertainment to their proud Muslim concert goers.

The blend Rock, rap, traditional Islamic poems into one song. Harmony Band is a group of youth that started from Lebanon in 2003 with four members and expanded to end up with professional charismatic nine influences. Each band member brings a different set of characteristics & talents which influence the youth in hearing their message in a way that is accepted by a lot of people from the recent generations.

Harmony band's message is to build awareness in people, specially the youth, in to seeing the true image of Islam and to guide people to the right path and teachings of the Prophets, as well as, denouncing terrorism and anything that gives a bad image about Islam. Harmony Band's music is very diverse, they use different styles mostly mixing oriental and western music to come up with a style that is new and innovative.

This is a young group that has done wonders with their music, I learned about them by the way of an Egyptian MC who adores their style. They change speed during the song and deliver such a fun performance where you get to sing along but repeat good lyrics--that can qualify to be worship.

The members are Adam Ali, Hamzah Makhzoumi, Saad Baghdadi, Mohammad Joumaa, Mazen Joumaa, Riad Amash, May Joumaa, Angy Darwish, Latifa Adham

محمد نور - لفرقة هارموني | Mohammed Noor - Harmony Band


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