Saturday, January 18, 2014

WATCH: Mesut Kurtis feat. Maher Zain - Never Forget

One of the most original and scented voices who sing under the banner of Awakening Records is Mesut Kurtis. He is not the busiest of their stars, but he might be the most refined voices in the ticket. He sounds like a fragrance would smell, it's all over the place once the lid if off. The lids goes off when Mesut grabs the mic.

This time he is standing with Maher Zain a follow artist and together they released this gem of a song, about almighty. I love how manly Mesut sounds, Maher brings the brand recognition. Their songs are like a different kind of worship intersected with entertainment.

Originally, this is a song by Mesut Kurtis, but it was too popular, and the little ones loved it very much. Enters the stage Maher Zain

 Mesut Kurtis feat. Maher Zain - Never Forget | Official Lyric Video


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