Sunday, January 26, 2014

Download: Haitham Shaker 2014 Album - Ahla Qarar / هيثم شاكر البوم - أحلى قرار

He is the fresh prince of Cairo, the guy who was waiting to get passed January 25, 2014 to release his album, and it seems that the worst of the anti-coup demonstrations is behind, Haitham Shaker released his much anticipated album. His first in more than six years at least. This is a huge album with a lot of work, Haitham has come a long way from his days as Tamer Hosny's side kick. Now he is his very own brand and his die-hard fans are still roaming the land.

This is a big album at 13 tracks, we love the variety, the sounds, the styles and for sure Haitham's very own unique flavorful voice. This is an album, the internet loves, while his average fan is now older than the past ones, Haitham is also more mature this time, and his album cover art is pretty telling about where the artist spent his time--at the gym.

You can listen to each of the tracks on this album, and I am happy the album just came out, Haitham is a great entertainer who has the stamina to keep going through a song with his sweet yet manly voice. Something about his voice makes him unique. Not too many artists have a talking voice and singing voice, Haitham does seem to sing in a completely different voice than the one he speaks with. Think about that, the voice you have when you have a cold or when you have a stuffy nose, it very similar to Haitham Shaker's voice.

This is an album made for dudes, and the ladies who want to know or do research on the way guys think. Haithm and his lyricists and composers know romance only from their own vantage point. This makes sure the album and the artist don't sound pathetic.

01.Ahla Qarar 
02.Akdeb Aleik
03.El Eioun El Somr 
04.El Heneya Eib
06.Howa Ehna
08.Kol Makan
09.Lessa Fady Makanak 
11.Sabab Wahed
12.Ya Hawa
13.Youm Maoul