Monday, January 27, 2014

@hanyadelartist Transitions Into Acting--Music Can Wait

He may have started as an indie artists, but there is no shame in going mainstream and starring in a commercial movie...Egyptian musicians Hany Adel made the transition into films years ago, he starred in indie films. but this time he is talking up about his new movie, a comedy with drama and romance. A film that appeals to all ages. according to Hany Adel Interview, the film will cheer you up with a message. He is content to do small parts that leave an impression.

His good looks, and charisma carry him far....Hany also helped with the music for the film, inspired by his early days at his school where he learned his first music lesson. He released at least two movies this year, and if anything he is causing some actors to envy him for his roles. Hany the actor is rolling, but due to the crisis in Egypt, he is not holding any concerts at the time.

هاني عادل: "لا مؤاخذة" فيلم تجاري


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