Sunday, January 19, 2014

Listen To The First Great Album of 2014! Thanks To Sherine Abdel-Wahab

Songs Are HERE
There are albums that make you happy, and there are these who make you EXCITED! This is the right time to use all caps, Sherine has a new album and it's everything you need in a great pop album. The album addresses all men, the nice ones, the deranged ones, the jealous few and the perfect package. There are those sobering songs, where you feel like sitting back and letting the music speak to your mind. But this is the sweetest and boldest version of Sherine. I was in love with her 2009 album, it was her first with Rotana, I know I played it over and over as I was picking olives in Gaza.

This is not an album for girls or boys, but for the mature ladies and gentlemen who want a crash course on relationship. This album offers the best training on surviving a relationship and making the most of it. It's a prescription of some sort.

01 - W Meen Ekhtar, dance away your pains to this perfect song! The most fun track you will get, and this is why is was released ahead of the album for all the right reasons....this was a lead song that would have been buried in the album otherwise.

02 - Da2 Al Saytara, a smart song and a fresh concept that puts possessive and obsessive men in their place. Bless her heart for coming up with this formula. This is a war gender between men and women.

03 - Mota5tha Men Al Ayam, a smooth music start, then the song adds more layers, bringing the best out of Sherine's voice. She really does wonders in the songs where she is thinking out loud, she makes them sound like a journal. A love/hate song

04 - Ya Layali, wow, just woo how much emotions does this lady have? She feels like an ocean of sweetness that flows into your vain. My sister loves this song, and I played it and noted how Sherine puts the music in the backseat and take the vocal lead.

05 - Shokran Ya Shaham, I love this song, the energy, the vibe, and the music with the lyrics. This is a very Sherine song. It's a revenge song, screw that one who wronged you.

06 - Khaynen, this is the darkest song on are cheaters so do not act surprised and break in tears. The fact that Sherine and her husband got divorced, may explain this one.

07 - Fee Leila, bring back the funk and let's get to the dance floor everyone! Sherine means joy to many of her fans spread around the globe. The song is the first Egyptian light style. It feels like the songs made by Egyptian male pop stars

08 - Mosh Khayfa, love the music, sobering tone, the song that runs in one's head after they find themselves in  a tough position. I will survive tone about moving on, and turning the page. Sherine mixes it up and changes melodies in the middle to keep the song interesting.

09 - Qelt Noom, more funk and dance songs, we can agree this is a breath of fresh air, a new style that makes Sherine cute, lovable and cheerful. She made a song that makes you happy, and reminds you of the first day when you find out, you are in love. This is one of the top pop songs that gets one's going while speaking to his/her core.

10 - Tajrba Mo2lema, Piano is good. This is where the flowing emotions, bittersweet takes over. The song stars slow, then the song picks up speed, and changes gears....clever production and wonderful mixing. The album reminds me that it was not cheap to make such a winner record.

11 - Koly Melkak, a guilt trip song, I take love seriously and you should. A confessional song by a woman is worth a million of those made be men. I know somewhere in Cairo and Beirut singers are jealous of how perfect this album. This song invites slow dance...

12 - Ana Keteer, the title is a bit frisky....the music opens like that Ramadan songs right before they call the prayer. Then comes Sherine's voice declaring that she is complex.....not just one thing. I am crazy about this song now, but it takes getting used to. The lyrics do the heavy lifting.... I am strong, a message she sends out to all lovers of the world.

This albums reminds us of how different Sherine is form the rest, she is many things to different people, she wears many hats and wears each of them well. Her voice may go down in history as the most flexible of them all. I can see her forty years form now still relevant and beloved. We are witnessing the making of a legend.

شيرين - يا ليالي / Sherine - Ya Layali


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