Tuesday, January 14, 2014

This Season Star Acedemy Makes Winners Look Like Losers

Star academy started and ended and I have no clue who sang, and who took home the title. I do know that they hired the biggest Arab pop stars to go and appear on the show. Aside from that, none of the supposedly young talents got their name out.

It remains a mystery of these people will find work, they are thirsted in the spotlight and then three months later, they are sent home and told you are star...now it seems Arab Idol does a better job with their winners.

There are your average talents, the one dude from Lebanon, the Syrian diva, the entitled Egyptian voice, and the one wild card from the West-side Arab countries, and the mandatory star from the Gulf. They never change that formula....and it seems Lebanon-centered as the trainers and most of the guest stars from locals.

 .. Jean Chahid - Staracarabia جان شهيد: "مبروك لمحمود بيستاهل" وعمل قريب ‏.


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