Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Please Help Me Make Since Of This Bizarre Music Video!

Some random things you will see in this music video. This is a dance music video with a number of styles and worlds colliding. Lots of underskirts shoots, some Arab guy sings with a western looking lady who likes to sing.

Can someone tell me more about this? I am clueless? These are not the best voices out there, but they get a music video where they act like they are in love, it's a cheap music video, but not to criticizes the artists, I just do not know enough about this random music video that opens with a shot of the famous Las Vegas Strip.

Is this song even Iraqi? Who are these artists? Should I be mad? This is an example of some clip that airs in prime time where Arab kids can see....

Mahgoub ; Maysa - Yalla Ya Allem / محجوب ومايسة - ياالله يا عالم


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