Friday, January 17, 2014

Maya Diab Car Accident And Breaks Her Neck

Lebanese entertainer and bold fashionista Maya Diab, shared her picture from the hospital. she is on a wheel chair and seems to have some sort of trouble in her neck. Maya was supposed to appear on a talk show hosted by Syrian diva Asalah, but was unable to make it due to a car accident she was involved in on January 12th 2014.

Not sure if there are any serious health issues, but it seems the pop diva will live to do more dancing, singing and presenting. Her pains are in the back and the neck. The accident happened when she drove her car in Beirut near a tunnel which has an oil spill on it which caused the car to slip.

Other Maya news is that she stopped talking about suing that star impersonator who did a mean (kind of true) satire piece on her for the new year.

RamyAyach & Maya Diab - Sawa / رامى عياش و مايا دياب - سوا



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