Thursday, January 2, 2014

New Year Party Mohammed #Assaf Sets La Cigale Hotel On FIRE #Doha (Photos)


At the nation of Qatar's fanciest hotel (La Cigale Hotel), Arab Idol winner and global pop star Mohamed Assaf ringed in the new year with his fans. The man who has been in the United States for three months on a successful tour that took him to Canada and a dozen American cities. He flew to Doha Qatar for this concert and 48 hours later he has gone under a makeover. his fans from all walks of life, ages, and countries came to be with him. Syrian songstress and Arab Idol runner up Farah Yousef appeared next to Mohammed Assaf at the same concert.

Assaf looks stunning, he may have been reunited with his favorite barber who gave him a sweet haircut and a close shave. Whatever it's the guy who appeared in the Qatar New Year party is a much more handsome one that we say in the US. Still the guy looked good and dressed well, but something about his Doha appearance tells me, they have better grooming in the Middle East than the ones Assaf can find while on his trip.

Also note the red rose Assaf had with him most of the time, this is love! Then the trendy haircut that makes him look like a popular soccer player and that suit compliments it all, making a wonderful appearance. One thing though, Assaf needs to get some food and take care of himself, it looks like he has been too busy with entertaining the fans all over the globe--yes he went to Chile and not paying attention to a good diet.

Assaf said after all these concerts, he will be taking a sabbatical working on his debut album, and perhaps his next concerts will be no sooner than valentine Day.

بالصور محمد عساف يلهب ليلة رأس السنة 2014 في الدوحة

معايدة محمد عساف للجيش العسافي بمناسبة 2014 Farah Nasser

 محمد عساف نجم عرب ايدول بتألق بحفل راس السنه بالدوحه


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