Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Angham, And Why She Is Beloved?

She just celebrated turning 42 years old and pretty much everyone wished her the best.

Angham might be an iconic diva in the Arabic music scene, but years ago she may have released her better songs. Among the songs of hers that I am impressed by is her music video for Omry Maak--she filmed it with her son. It's a song about love, and she chose to go with the Platonic love.

It's a cute music video from a mother and a rock star who made a super sweet love song into a song about the greater love and family. I like that especially as more business types turn love into a sexy show instead of the great feeling it is--I am done preaching.

Angham delivered a powerful performance here and she stood tall during the filming, she speaks to the camera and the crew on the set. If I remember correctly, this song came out in 2002. I still like that fuzzy feeling one gets watching this song. All those who are younger than 18 years old, should see this music video to appreciate this gem

Omry Maak - making - Part 3 - Angham عمرى معاك - انغام


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