Sunday, January 5, 2014

اسما لمنور - على الذكرى / Asma Lamnawar - Ala El Zekra #Khaliji Music Moroccan Savior

singers who have a trademark sound. Asma Lawmnawar is one of those people where even if you have never heard her songs before, you instantly recognize it as theirs. She has one of the most unique soprano voices I've ever heard. I have all of her albums and love every one. She comes to mind when I think of my favorite female artist of any I've ever heard. Plus she is down right beautiful.

She tops the list of artists who enjoy the most unique singing voice. So if you are thinking of placing your votes based on how much you like their songs, how well they sing, their octave range, or whether or not you think they are attractive, you're doing it wrong. Why? Because Asma's voice is so angelic and it touches everyone when she starts to sing

Asma is about the voice is so unique and identifiable that even non fans recognize her voice. I think his voice was amazing and she had such control when she sings. The emotional range she uses when singing gives her music something special that stands out in the crowd of singers. She is simply amazing.

اغنية اسماء لمنور - على الذكرى

 Asma Lamnawar - Ala El Zekra #Khaliji


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