Monday, January 6, 2014

Jennifer Grout "American Umm Kulthum" Converts To #Islam (Video) Recites #Koran

The super-talented American young lady who was one of the final three competitors of "Arabs Got Talent." The songstress put on a compelling performance, and the media both at home and in Arabia embraced and celebrated her. Now Jennifer Grout is back in the spotlight and according to a number of online sources in Arabic, she has accepted Islam.

I do not know if this is true, but the video, she can be seen talking about it, and reciting the holy Koran. She is accompanied by her Moroccan boyfriend, where this video was shot in Morocco. Reports confirm Jennifer's presence in the Moroccan Kingdom where she has been living and learning.

I know many Muslims at least online are celebrating this breaking news, like they are waiting for yet another sign to validate their religion.

Jennifer Grout  went from being a long shot to falling just short. Jennifer Grout, the all-American girl almost won the biggest televised talent show in the Middle East "Arabs Got Talent." She stunned audiences singing traditional songs in flawless Arabic, a language she barely speaks. She said, "I feel really good. I'm really happy I was in the Top 3 and it was such a good experience."

Her final performance wowed the crowd, but it wasn't enough to pull off an upset. Jennifer may not have won the competition but she did win over this audience here tonight, one of her fans telling me that he really appreciated what he called her beautiful and sincere tribute to Arabic music.


  1. There is nothing like we muslims are waiting for another sign to validate our religion. Islam has long been validated by the Almighty God and the fact that you convert to islam does not in any way benefit any muslim, it rather benefit you that converted to it. All we can do is to pray for you and be happy that God has "ounce again brought you back to the righteous path". My dear if really you've converted to islam; my advice to you is to fear God and make peace with your parent.

  2. Yeah, but many Muslims act like they want this validation, so I understand what the writer means. I'm Muslim, and I don't need it from others, or the media, but there are a lot of insecure Muslims out there always talking about who converted, like it's some victory for them. Same with a lot of Christians, too.

  3. Really it is an important news to the non-muslim that Jenifer Grout accepted Islam