Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Listen: Madeleine Matar Ta3bani Sample - مادلين مطر تعباني #Winner

Madeleine Matar is excited about a new song which she recorded and released, but she is even more thrilled about the music video which she just wrapped filming. To be frank, this song is a surprise as it feels like a great song. I do not know how hard Madeleine Matar  had to work to score the lyrics and the music, but the song allows her to show something in her voice that she has not done in a long time.

the lyrics are emotional, and Madeleine Matar channels them very well as the song progresses, you wait for the song to peak, it does every time she closes a verse, then it starts all over again. The music is also a treat as it plays like the right vehicle that carries both the lyrics and the emotions to the listener. Madeleine Matar has a winner here, and frankly it sets her apart from her past average songs, and from many of her plastic pop stars.

the song is about intentions, you do not intend to do harm or hurt someone, but you end up doing, and it does not hurt less, but you still can understand. Monir Abu Assaf outdone himself and the composer Hisham Bolis should be busy after this track.

Madeleine Matar - Ta3bani / مادلين مطر - تعباني

Madeleine Matar Ta3bani Sample - مادلين مطر تعباني


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