Thursday, January 30, 2014

Saudi Tomy Omran Ridules Saudi Arabia Culture (Picture)

The magazine cover is from Jaras Magazine.

Saudi American entertainer and envelop-pusher Tomy Omarn has been attacked by his countrymen for his choice of clothes, style and his handsome looks. The attacks have been vile, so Tomy took them to task and called his Saudi critics a nation of Kabsah and yogurt -A Saudi dish made up of rice and meet eaten almost every day of the week. I recall seeing a news segments from some morning show in the Kingdom where a physician came out and spoke about the danger of this unhealthy diet.

A day later he posted a picture of some Saudi man who is resting after he had an overload of the national dish--that's a food comma. Tomy later clarified he was mainly speaking about a certain segment of the kingdom--not the entire place.

Think of Tomy Omran as Justin Bieber intersected with an Miley Cyrus. Tomy is unafraid to be seen naked, he often shared half nude pictures of himself. For now, Tomy has left California and make Istanbul, Turkey his home.

I think one of the many reasons other cultures do better than places like Saudi Arabia and in general the rest of the Arab world is that outside, each person minds his/her own life. In ours everyone is in everyone's business--this is why no one dares to be different. Tomy and many others have broken free from these shackles years ago.


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