Thursday, January 23, 2014

Police Charge Three Local Men With The Murder of Beloved Singer Shafik Kabha

According to one Hebrew website, it seems that the local police is charging three young men with the murder of Shafik Kabha that took place late last year. These charges were filed today....

Amal Mohammad Mahameed--20 years old, Mohammad Saad Mahameed-24 years old and Khalid Ahmed Jabareen--23 years old will be charged with the murder of the popular and charismatic singer. These suspects hail from the same city as the singer Om Al Fahim, inside the green line. The motive? One of these men contacts Shafik to book him for his wedding party, Shafik could not due to a prior commitment the month of October.

Then that person plotted with a second to rent a motorcycle and gun the artists while he drove off in his car back from a local wedding, they followed him on their bike, and right next to the roundabout, they fired, four bullets were fired and one landed in the singer's heart.  The crime took place the night of October 23, 2013 that send chilling affect all over the Palestinian territories.

الآلاف يشيعون جثمان الفنان المغدور شفيق كبها الى مثواه الأخير |


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