Thursday, January 23, 2014

WATCH: El Masal - El Aasal - Samo Zaen @SamoZaen Arabic Hollywood المثل - العسل - ساموزين

Samo Zaen is gearing up for the release of his latest album. It seems he is gone full retard, hired some world-class talent and you can even hear him speak English--He gets to share the taxi with a babe. It seems like they filmed this in some European capital. I do not get the part where the lady in the taxi puts on a show for Samo Zaen. Seriously this is bullshit, but this is not Samo's fault, it's a problem with formulas that have worked so no one dares to change them

He is making music video for stupid douche bags, woman are all sexy and cute for anyone. Then he starts to up his game. This happened to be a decent song with an idiotic music video--the ladyis an X factor alumna from London. Samo raises the bar to set himself apart form all the singers in Egypt who do the same thing over and over again. He keeps tabs on what's trendy around the world and puts it to get use. 

No surprise there, Samo is the guest of the show and the lady is headed to his event nonetheless. This is a rip from every Hollywood romantic comedy. But this is two for the price of one, two music videos mushed into one, making it close to 8 minutes long.I like the second part, we do not see dudes get involved in the show business and dropping some moves.  The end is kind of predictable, but entertaining nevertheless.

I salute Samo for doing something new, and working extra hard when the same lame music video would have worked out well. He is a talker but some may say he is a cute one. This is something he was able to do because his label put their weight behind him. This is how you make a buzz for an album that should be releasing early February in time for Valentine Day....Samo keeps the charm offensive which tells me, he is feeling sure of the music market in Egypt may be back to normal.

El Masal - El Aasal - Samo Zaen المثل - العسل - ساموزين


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