Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Here's To The Most Sincere Egyptian Song--You Will Cry! | حمزة نمرة - واقولك إيه

Hamza Namira is only one voice, but he is a bold voice who refuses to be fed the bullshit by the Egyptian state owned media. He is back with a new song and the guy is rocking. He has been one of the most vocal revolutionaries in Egypt during the January 25th revolution. He released an awesome album in 2012.

But ever since the army did their thing and overthrew a democratically elected president, and Hamza had been upset by the murder and the injustices. I love him for his new song, it delivers the message to the heart....the path of hatred, will it take you to? His song does not vilify anybody which is way better than these songs produced by the state media in Egypt. Even the security officer is not shown as the evil force they tend to glow.

This seems like a personal song, Hamza is taking a lot of risk by releasing this track--the army may throw him in jail for his song that gently reveals their abuses.  We are one people, friends, not some fifth column. This is the finest song to be released from Egypt since the army killed and imprisoned thousands of activists. The reality is grim, the singers of Egypt have all rallied around the army and decided to collectively look the other way while holding their noses. Not Hamza, he knows these feelings are foreign to Egypt--we are all one. The music video features a young Christian woman who crosses herself and another Muslim lady holding the holy book.

There's a devil in between us, and our hope has ran out, we are all at loss--says the song. The music video translates those feelings very well, it shows the different faces of Egypt, even the security officers who attack demonstrations. The lady that wears the head cover vs. the one progressive activist..someone is pitting us against one another.

Hamza is all tears in this song, I believe him in his emotional appeal. The nationalist call in Egypt has lost its mind, they are willing to kill their own people to create their so called imagined community. You have a beard or a hijab? You are not part of today's Egypt. This is the message they have muddied.

Hamza made a human song, he really cares about Egypt all of it, unlike the guys in power he is not holding a gun and he is not shutting people down for expressing their minds. Hamza is releasing a song that serves as a wake up call to all sober Egyptians--hate does not build a country nor does it govern nations.  

Hamza Namira - Wa Ollak Eh | حمزة نمرة - واقولك إيه


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