Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Download: Carmen Soliman 2014 Album "Akhbary" تحميل البوم كارمن سليمان - اخبارى


She won the first season of Arab Idol about two years ago, she is Carmen Soliman, the young Egyptian songstress who at that time was finishing high school. Now that she is famous, the Gulf has took her in and she has sang for them in their very own dialect. She is so big out there, that a Saudi telecommunication giant bought the rights for her album and made the ringtones available inside that country.

A week later Carmen Soliman released her album in Egypt after delays. This is her debut album and we know she can sing, she has a wonderful and a capable voice that makes things better. This is mostly an Egyptian pop album, but track 12 has a music video already and the music has been composed by Saudi Legend Mohammad Abdo.

Carmen has already recorded a number of songs for TV dramas, she is pretty talented for someone who is not 20 years old yet. She has many great things going for her, a loving family--her mom even sang with her. A wealthy production company that wants to be in her business.

Links have yet to be released officially by Carmen and her team. Carmen is a good voice, a warm soul and a humble yet life-loving spirit. The album cover is a piece of work, it brings the best style for Carmen that preserves both her elegance and innocence. The background is pretty fitting as well.

01 - Habiby Mesh Habiby
02 - Mesh Hatkalem
03 - Sabra
04 - Qalby Ydoo2
05 - Hatha Fia
06 - Haga Mesh 3agbany
07 - Magnoon Rasmy
08 - El Hal Men Ba3do
09 - 3esh 3la A3sabak
10 - Ghayart Kalamak
11 - Kalam Kalam 
12 - Akhbary

Carmen Suleiman - Akhbari | كارمن سليمان - أخباري#


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