Friday, January 3, 2014

Aziz El Shafei New Religious Dance Song For #Hassan

It's easy to find a song that will make you dance, but to find song with a religious tale and make you shake your head left and right as you enjoy this epic song is close to impossible! There are Daraweesh in Egypt who like to dance as worship, they from giant circles and have live music that praises the lord and tells tales of religious figures.

Aziz Shafei a contemporary composer and singer took notice, and just released his very won song about Hassan, the grandchild of the prophet of Islam. Hassan is unique because he gave up power and refused to go to war in order for him to be in charge of Muslims. He gave it all away, and rumors have it he was assassinated by poison. He was a nice guy, who was a scholar with deep understanding of Islam--he was also one of the two favorite people by the prophet.

اغنية عزيز الشافعى - جد الحسن | جامدة اوى | جديد 2014


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