Friday, January 3, 2014

Egyptain Loai is BACK, Album To Follow Soon! "اغنية لؤى - الناس دى"

He is a guy who can sing, and his fans love him, the Egyptian Loai may not have always chose the right songs for his voice, but his voice has always been awesome. Loai came from nowhere about ten years ago, and still he is nowhere near the top.

He blamed it on the production and his albums did not come on time. But in 2014 he has already made big plans, he fired his music label, and singed with another company. We are seeing the fruit of that change with the release of the new single form upcoming album. I live this guy's voice, it offers a blend of styles and emotions especially when he hits the loud notes.

A song about love, life and living again. It has decent music, good flow, and lyrically speaking it's pretty easy on the ear. Fresh it's not, but the subject is a challenge. The guy who is in love asks people to put in a good work for him as they know he is in love. I like the black background and the black outfit, the gray scarf is pretty neat too. I love the head full of hair shot.

It's tough to make music in today's Egypt, the national mood is in the toilet. But there is always room for good art and songs that cheer one up even for a second.   

 اغنية لؤى - الناس دى | النسخة الاصلية | جديد 2014


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