Saturday, January 25, 2014

All The Celebrity Spotting You Need--Assi Hellani Hospital Room


Faris Karam

Wael Jassar

Najwa Karam

Nancy Ajram?

Composers and Lyricists 

Who is this?

Nizar Francis

Saber Robaei

Ragheb Alamah

A Bunch of Friends

Walid Tawfic

Assi Hallani, the singer and judge on the voice has been in a Lebanese hospital for time time, he is due for some knee surgery. The hospital where he is resting and recovering has been too busy with celebrities coming and going to checkup on their pal Assi. Making the hospital is the best place for celebrity spotting in the Lebanese capital. 

Note how almost everyone who comes to visit Assi takes a picture. And yes, Assi was supposed to appear in a concert under the banner one Lebanon, but he won't be able too. But not to worry his gifted daughter will fin in for her father--she has some singing experience. We wish Assi a speedy recovery and hope he would get back to making better music.

The hit maker has already left the hospital this morning.

Assi El Helani - Jan Jnouni


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