Monday, January 20, 2014

The Welcome Comeback Of Hossam Habib 2014 حسام حبيب - بتوحشني

It sucks to be a working Egyptian artist with a comeback album and no certain release date....this is the tale of many artists in Egypt. Hossam Habib had his album ready for more than a year, he divorced his production company and his album is not about to be released.

He let a single out and it seems to be on the romantic side, which he had excelled in years ago. It's not a hit song per se, but it seems like a good track with all that you know about Hossam Habib. The pretty boy who can sing or the singer who happens to be so handsome. It feels like Hossam stopped form crying on this track....

I do not know for guys the fine line between pathetic (or cheesy if you prefer) and romantic is very thin. This song almost goes over the line, but the music saves it...Hossam can do more--he has done better in the past and I hope this is the weakest song in the upcoming album.

حسام حبيب - بتوحشني - من الالبوم القادم 2014 جامده

Hossam Habib - Betewhashny حسام حبيب - بتوحشني


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