Thursday, January 23, 2014

Listen: Diana Haddad - Halalo [New Album 2014] / جديد ديانا حداد - حلالو

The tired pop star of Lebanese origins, Kuwaiti upbringing and UAE be marriage released a new single--the song will be on her 2014 upcoming album. It's rumba dance song like it's common throughout the Gulf region. This is her second attempt at Iraqi songs, they are making a comeback and pop is happy to make more of them. Iraqi songs are exotic to the ear and on demand throughout the Arab world.

The song does not feel cheap, I like the lyrics, but same issue remains the music is way too annoying for one to enjoy this lyrically speaking good song. I like Diana, I grew up listening to her and falling in love with her and her voice. But she has yet to peak my interest. No one denies that she has many successes, but these singles lack a theme or direction. One time she is up with a Lebanese song--lease make more of them, the other with an Iraqi song and then she released a gulf song that stays in that block.

Diana Haddad - Halalo [New Album 2014] / جديد ديانا حداد - حلالو


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