Thursday, January 16, 2014

WATCH: #Strange Comeback For Magd El Qasem

It's not up to me, but if it was, I would ask Syrian composer and singer Majd El Kasem to find a retirement home or find another career. But his new song makes me think, he may have something to offer. the nineties hit-maker has been struggling to find his niche and music soul.

He is a family man who released an album for kids--his kids were involved, but that went nowhere. Now he is back with a new romantic song that has a strange music video. A guy on a horse, a guy with an antenna, and belly dancer dancing in the middle of nowhere. Then comes a couch and four wheel bike. Yes, I think they wanted to make a music video and thought tossing as many strange elements would get people talking.

I like this guy's style and voice, but he released far too many lame songs, this song might be able to stop the bleeding, but the timing makes it tough to think about good music. I wish him luck....

Magd El Qasem - Hob Wala Gholb / مجد القاسم - حب ولا غلب


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